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Guillaume Lecomte

CV - Guillaume Lecomte

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Souhait professionnel

Investment Banking Analyst
Jeune diplômé(e)
de 60 à 80 KEuros
Type de contrat
- Australie
- Cadre financier
- Chargé(e) d'analyse et d'ingénierie financière
- Banque de financement et d'investissement
- Banque de financement et d'investissement

Expériences professionnelles

Cfa level ii - passed


De Janvier 2019 à Aujourd'hui

• CFA Level II - passed: top 10% of all candidates (June, 2019).
The certification covers many topics such as Private Equity (PE) valuation methods,
mergers and acquisition (M&A), capital budgeting and capital structure.

• CFA Level I - passed: top 10% of all candidates (December, 2018).

Investment banking analyst

EXANE , Paris

De Janvier 2018 à Décembre 2018

• Perform cross asset analyses on structured products underlyings and continuously update it (rebalancing, reconstitution and synthetic replication) for customised solutions for high net worth clients.

• Explore listed investment alternatives by analysing underlying companies (business model assessments, market reviews, financial modelling, corporate valuation) for recommendations (pitch books).

• Set up payoffs, build up and monitor events (dividends, coupons, early and final settlements) on cross asset structured products (Bloomberg, Reuters) for institutional clients.

• Follow and monitor issuances, transactions of securities and settlements by controlling trading operations.

Investment banking analyst - cross asset


De Juillet 2017 à Décembre 2017

• Develop and promote new investment solutions in a low-rate context for institutional investors: fund picking by bottom-up and top-down approaches, structuring products, pricing and portfolio optimisation.

• Conduct assets and fund analysis (hedge funds): screening universe of investments through Morningstar and Bloomberg, market reviews (quantitative and qualitative analysis, drivers, tailwinds / headwinds), fund valuation and compliance check (funds onboarding, vetting, contracts).

• Price structured solutions on funds (indexes, momentum, leverage, volatility target) and follow the profit and loss (P&L) for presenting dashboards in committee.

Junior portfolio manager


De Décembre 2015 à Juin 2016

• Ensure the management of the Amundi own-account investment portfolio of 5 Bn€ (performance optimisation, asset allocation and selection, seed-money, regulatory ratios constraints), especially on private equity and real estate fields.

• Perform private equity funds valuations: free cash flow (FCF), market-based, residual income (RI) and private company valuations and selecting peers for beta, alpha and weighted average cost of capital (WACC) calculations.

• Draw up portfolio analyses reports (portfolio optimisation, track record, information and Sharpe ratios, Jensen's alpha, Treynor ratio).

• Manage the investment portfolios under the regulatory constraints about liquidity and rate risks (LCR, NSFR, rate gaps), limits (holding ratio,VaR, CVaR, sensitivities, HQLA assets) and asset management metrics reportings.

• Analyze the regulation (Basel, European Union directives) and create reportings in the context of the Amundi's initial public offering (IPO).

• Optimize the cash flows of Amundi Group companies for the enhancement of their global value.

Private equity analyst


De Juin 2015 à Décembre 2015

• Develop the asset portfolio of the bank (1,5Bn€) by defining the strategy for private equity funds (25M€), drawing up the investment policy, setting up the risk budget, making due diligences and forge long-term guidelines of investments.

• Perform companies’ financial analysis and valuations: discounted cash flows (DCF), comparable method, enterprise value (EV), asset based approach.

• Contribute to the excess equity capital management: investments on a wide range of assets (equity, fixed income, structured products, alternative investments).

• Draft and present the private equity investment I have selected (25M€) as well as the financial management dashboards for the board of directors.

• Perform regulatory intelligence: liquidity ratios, implementation of Volcker rule and application of French banking laws.

• Participate in overall interest rate risk management (measures of exposures, hedging operations: interest rate swaps).

• Assist the liquidity risk manager (market refinancing, issuance of certificates of deposit
(CDs), non-conventional European Central Bank (ECB) policy measures).

Vice president - audit manager & senior projet manager

ALTEO CONSEIL , Mont-saint-aignan - STAGE

De Juin 2014 à Mai 2015

• Consulting studies to help businesses to develop themselves (business plans, business modelling and financing rationale to raising funds).

• Ensure compliance, ethics and quality of the Junior-Enterprise surveys and processes (surveys’ follow up and organizational audit).

• Assure and check the effective implementation of successfully efficient processes for the company (audit).

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2018 à Aujourd'hui

Parcours officiels

NEOMA – Programme Grande Ecole


Pack Office
Front Office
Liquidity Management
Corporate Valuation
Banking Regulation
Cash Flow Management
Venture Capital
private equity
Structured Product
Structured financing
financial advisory