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Le club Entrepreneurs vous convie à ce rendez-vous entrepreneurs inter-réseau :

Find out why 97% of our founders say their chance of success is very good or good.


Saturday, November 19th in Paris.

The Cantillon Startup Workshop is the 19th of November in Paris, it starts at 9,30am and finish around 7pm.

You are invited to learn how The Cantillon can help you to realize your dream and create a successful startups on Saturday, November 19th in Paris.

You will learn in a one day more about how to build a successful start-up than you could in weeks of self - learning.


► Have an idea that needs evolution or validation?
► Want to start a business, but don’t know how?
► Need help crafting your pitch message?
► Want to learn to think like an entrepreneur?
► How can I find co-founders?

Or maybe you are considering joining The Cantillon, and want to know more about the quality of our program.

In this 1-day workshop, The Cantillon will present you the first module of its unique program. We will give you some of the tools we use to teach and mentor our entrepreneurs, and we will help you to move forward with your project/idea.


► learn how to start a business
► Validate your "idea"
► Craft a pitch message
► Learn to think like an entrepreneur
► Create a vision for success
► Get the latest entrepreneurial framework and tools
► Make crucial improvements in both the way you think, and your start-up's business model.

Join us at this workshop, we promise you a huge jump forward to your project.

Only 40 places are available ! Due to the high number of applicants we ask you to complete the following selection questionnaire. We will communicate the event place only to the top 40 applicants.

We believe that people should be independent, autonomous, and that the world needs more awesome companies. We are entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

We designed a 3 months program to help first time entrepreneurs to go from " I want to be entrepreneur" to "I have a business". This workshop is an extract from the first module.

During the last 12 months, The Cantillon team coached and taught over 40 first time entrepreneurs to get their first revenues.

We work with some of the best business and engineering schools in France, leading incubators, and executives from around the world.


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