NEOMA Confucius Institute : Chinese investment in Europe - Industry and firm level evidence

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Chinese investment in Europe:
Industry and firm level evidence
Meet an international General Manager


8th November, 17h30-19h30

17h30-18h Presentation of Prof. Hinrich VOSS (Leeds University)
18h-18h30 Presentation of Mr. LIAN Yongping (General Manager of Changhong Europe)
18h30-19h Discussion
19h-19h30 Q&A

Language: English


China, as the second economy in the world, despite the global slowdown, has increased its presence on the world stage through overseas investment, especially in Europe and is playing an essential role in the globalization wave. What is the current situation of Chinese overseas investment in Europe? Which industries are favored by Chinese investors? To what extend this expansion will influence the European enterprises and economy? What challenge have the Chinese investors encountered in European market during this process? How did they tackle with these difficulties? And how do they cooperate with European counterparts?

To answer all these questions, NEOMA Confucius Institute for Business (NCIB) has initiated the conference Chinese investment in Europe: Industry and firm level evidence with Prof. Hinrich VOSS from Leeds University Business School and the General Manager of Changhong Europe Mr. LIAN Yongping, and we sincerely invite you to join us in Pairs on Tuesday 08 November 2016. The goal is to provide a clear picture about current Chinese investment in Europe from both academic and practical perspectives.


Hinrich VOSS, Associate Professor in International Business at the Centre for International Business University of Leeds (CIBUL) and the foreign director of Business Confucius Institute of Leeds University. He is conducting research on the internationalization and the international competitiveness of mainland Chinese companies.
LIAN Yongping has been awarded BA of Mechanical Engineering and Automation in Xi’an Jiaotong University and MBA in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. His career in Changhong started from 2002 as a TV designer and later the Project Manager for new product; he devoted to the development of Changhong Europe since 2006, and now he is leading the company as the general manager. With the achievement of Changhong Europe, he has been interviewed by both the Chinese and local media and president-level leaders of both countries.


NEOMA Paris Campus - Amphi 301
9 Rue d'Athènes, 75009 Paris


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