Tribu Allemagne : Stammtisch Hamburg goes sailing - once in a lifetime opportunity

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Stammtisch Hamburg goes sailing - once in a lifetime opportunity

Dear Alumni !

Less than one week left to sign up for our next event on 8th of May during Hamburg's port anniversary.

The plan is to do a guided tour on board the German Navy Sailing Training Ship "Gorch Fock". This guided tour is not to be compared with any usual open ship, where you only get the chance to walk on the upper deck. We will be guided by the ship's chief engineer, who will take us from the upper deck down to the crew's quarters and the engine room back to the bridge. Ask as many questions as you like and maybe you can even take a picture of yourself in a hammock or as a helmsman. The event starts 8th of May at 6.30pm directly at the gangway of the "Gorch Fock" which will berth at the "Landungsbrücken".

After the tour we would like to grab something to eat at one of the many food stalls and enjoy the port anniversary.


Gorch Fock's gangway @ Landungsbrücken

Date & Time

8th of May - 6.30 pm 

We still have some seats left and would be really happy if you join us for this unique event - also if your are not a regular member of the "Hamburg Stammtisch". All ESB and NEOMA alumni are welcome!

Sign up via

See you at 8th of May to "splice the mainbrace"!

Philipp and Dennis

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