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Tribe, it’s time to get together !


When ?

on Tuesday the 26th of May at 7:00pm

What ?

In the end of May, Franck Bostyn (NBS dean) and Céline Davesne (NBS associate dean) will come to Shanghai for an official visit. They would like to take advantage of this trip to meet you. To do so, you are invited to join them at the bubbly nation on Tuesday the 26th of May at 7:00pm.

During the event they will talk about NEOMA’s future and its strategic development in China. Meanwhile it will be a great opportunity to meet-up between alumni in a friendly atmosphere and to talk further with our guests. All along with finger food and cocktails.

The time to raise our glasses has come!

We are looking forward to see you there!

Address :

537 Haifang Lu, near Xikang Lu
地址:海防路537号, 近西康路

Metro: Ligne 7, Chang Ping Road station, exit 5 (5 by walk)

Inscription :

Thank you for confirming your attendance on the online alumni platform or by responding to this e-mail :
**For your information the participation is free of charge**
**Please answer before the 23 of May**

Contact :

The Shanghai Tribe
The person to contact in case of: Gauthier 182-1737-3474

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