Webinar : Divorce, Succession and Estate Planning

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"Webinar : Divorce, Succession and Estate Planning"


Wednesday 12 Dec 2018 12.30pm - 1.30pm 


According to the New South Wales government, only 55% of Australians have a valid will in place.  This means that 45% of Australians do not, and an undesirable situation could arise where assets are not distributed according to their wishes.
 A simple question to answer is, would you prefer to control how and to whom you want your assets to be distributed to or would you prefer the government to do it?
 In the same manner, what would happened to an inheritance you have just received if your marriage ends in a divorce?
 Those are very sensitive subjects to discuss, however it is preferable to address such topics sooner rather than later in order to anticipate the outcome.
 A financial planner can help you discuss and design Estate Planning strategies prior to meeting with a solicitor.
 In this event, I will address Estate Planning from a financial planning perspective and will focus on two topics, Divorce and Succession.
 If you are interested about this very interesting and broad topic, please come along as Mr Matthieu de La Mettrie will share his experience as a Personal Financial Advisor.
 Matthieu De La Mettrie: After completing a Master of International Business with a Finance specialisation in Australia, his interest was initially towards Corporate Finance. However, an opportunity as a Financial Advisor at BNP Paribas in 2011 made him realise the fantastic opportunity he had to help people and the impact he could have on their lives.
 For him, Financial Planning is about helping and coaching people to achieve their financial goals. It is not about telling people what to do, but on the contrary, it is about working together in partnership in order to find solutions.



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