Recently launched, the Global Executive MBA club is willing to create a network of MBA Alumni, ensuring the link among cohorts of the different MBA programs of NEOMA Business School. The club’s aim is to offer a space for sharing experiences relative to entrepreneurship, management, networking, and the role of an Executive.

These are key factors of success which are important to masterize in order to ensure the level of excellence needed for your vision and your professional goals.
The Global Executive MBA club propose monthly events related to our alumni’s fields of expertise, with for example :

► Afterworks
► Conferences (sometimes with other alumni clubs or other schools)
► Networking (with other alumni clubs, networks and other schools too)
► Company tours

The private LinkedIn group (by invitation only* : Global Executive MBA - NEOMA BS) is a space for exchanging information, promoting the MBA alumni, initiate encounters  for specific reasons such as a promotion, a professional sector, a business trend etc

Through events (face-to-face or virtual) and through the information posted on the group discussion, this alumni club allows you to grow your network, recommend or find a business partner, propose or look for a job, promote your know-how and helps you to create business opportunities. 

You can check the agenda yourself and register through the Alumni association website. You can also find specific articles linked to the club on the Articles tab of the club.

*to join the private LinkedIn group, simply email us at the email address below


Alexandra Cappadoro, Dalila Tardy & Sylvain Nidiot